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More comments on Brazilian media coup

Por Miguel do Rosário

18 de março de 2016 : 02h33

We asked our readers to write something about Brazilian media coup, we translate some comments to English.

An american friend did the translation.

Here they are.


Rodrigo Almeida There is a judicial/mediatic coup underway in Brazil. Part of the middle class supports the coup, a large part of the population does not understand the nuances of the legal processes and, influenced by the media, supports the coup. The left is kind of stunned without believing in what it is seeing and informing itself by the (dirty) blogs and social networks.

Luiza Almeida Are there people who feel revolted about the nomination of Lula as Minister?
Are there people who feel revolted about corruption?
Are there people who feel revolted about the re-election of Dilma?

Well, so am I…

I feel revolted about such disinformation, with political nonsense being shared as the only truth.
I feel revolted watching a minority (yes, a minority. One, two million people do not represent all of BRAZIL) demonstrating for the end of corruption of ONE PARTY and asking for the impeachment of a democratically elected president.
I feel revolted about the applause for a LYING, BIASED judge, who is at the service of a ROTTEN and CYNICAL MEDIA, which manipulates Brazilians and only shows the worst of Brazil.
I feel revolted about the Brazilians who are distilling hatred and serving as a mass of maneuver for politicians who are up to their necks in accusations of corruption.
I feel revolted about the banging of pans by a RABID, RACIST, and PREJUDICED elite, incapable of
looking after their children for a weekend,’ who think only of themselves and who want an exclusivity of privileges.
I feel revolted about this lack of peace, all this absurdity, planted by an COWARDLY and HYPOCRITICAL opposition that do not know how to lose.

And I am not alone. There exist millions of Brazilians with the same revolt. And now it is time to TAKE TO THE STREETS! 

DEMOCRACY does not deserve to be trampled on by the irrationality of Brazilians who think they are unique. 

BRAZIL is also OURS!!!


Mayte Benicio Rizek Every point of view is seen from a point. Asking for the impediment of Dilma without overwhelming evidence can be considered disrespectful for the millions for voted for her. Asking for military intervention can be disrespectful for the thousands who fought and died against it. Marching alongside Bolsonaro and co. can be disrespectful to all women, gays, Candomblés, atheists, and the like. Asking for the imprisonment of Lula without evidence that he is guilty of anything can be disrespectful to all Brazilians who understand that even with his various problems he was the first president who implemented policies aimed at the historically disfavored populations. Fighting against corruption with the shirt of the CBF and alongside other corrupt persons, can be disrespectful to all at the bottom of the social pyramid who have historically paid the bill for this corruption. And so it goes…
Therefore, if you do not like Dilma / Lula / PT protesting is your right. But follow the rules of the game, show what you disagree with in terms of public policies (and here I do not include personal offenses) and campaign until the next elections, but do not try to impose your will at the cost of a democracy that was hard won, still in a phase of consolidation and full of vultures ready to bite into the large flesh of the Brazilian market.

Eduardo Lira On 18/3 I will be on the streets. Not for the government, not for Dilma, and also not for the PT. I will take to the streets for democracy and the Rule of Law. This institutional coup that has been drawn up is as bad as the military coup which occurred in 1964. At this moment omission is the worst of sins. The pseudo-left who have shouted to the four winds that 18/3 will be a government demonstration are badly mistaken, like the left made a bad mistake in 1964 and lost the opportunity to defend democracy. What resulted is well known, and even Luís Carlos Prestes recognized the strategic error at that moment. Sorry for cursing, but fuck the government, fuck the PT, fuck Dilma! I will fight for democracy in my country. It is the least that I can do.

Diogo Mazzucatto In 2016 the young Brazilian democracy is passing through it greatest test. While on the one hand there is a government involved in accusations of corruption, sometimes coming from the opposition, on the other there is a mass of dissatisfied and depoliticized people, new citizens, who tired of traditional politics, express their dissatisfactions against all and everyone, but principally against the governing center-left party.

As if the dangerous flirt with the apolitical was not enough, the opposition parties, after a brusque turn to the right, have engaged themselves in fierce campaign to disturb the political climate and alter the negative results of the last presidential elections. Furthermore, as central figures of the drama, there is a conservative media, on which part of public opinion is based, and a messianic and dubious police operation, both seeking to destabilize the government as much as possible, even at the cost of the young democracy. Finally, the last government hopes are the nomination as minister of the most important popular figure in the country and the alternative media, which can provide a counterpart to this reality.


Miguel do Rosário

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