Lado errado da estrada – Tom Waits

Blues na veia.

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Wrong Side Of The Road
Tom Waits

Put a dead cat on the railroad tracks
When the wolf bains blooming by the tressel
And get the eyeball of a rooster
And the stones from a ditch
And wash em down with bilge water
And you say you’ll never snitch
Take the buttons from a yellow jacket
The feaather from a buzzard
And thr blood from a bounty hunters cold black heart
Catch the tears of a widow
In a thimble made of glass
Tell your mama and papa
They can kick your ass
Poison all the water in the wishin well
And hang all them scarecrows from a sycamore tree
Burn down all those honeymoons
Put em in a pillow case
And wait next to the switch blades at the amusement park
For me
Strangle all the christmas carols
Scratch out all your prayers
Tie em up with barbed wire
And push them down the stairs
And i’ll whittle you a pistol
For keeping nightmares of the blinds
Those sunabitches always seem to sneake up from behind
Syphon all the gas from your daddys pickup truck
Fill up johnnys t bird
I got a couple of bucks
Put a little perfume and ribbon in your hair
Careful that you don’t wake up the hounds
Tear a bolt of lightning
Of the side of the sky
And throw it in the cedar chest
If you want to tell me why
Bring the gear shift knob from a 49 merc
And lay down here beside me
Let me hold you in the dirt
And you’ll tremble as the flames
Tear the throat out of the night
Sink your teeth into my shoulder
Dig your nails into my back
Tell that little girl to let go of my sleeve
You’ll be a woman when i catch you
As you fall in love with me
Then with my double barrel shotgun
And a whole box of shells
We’ll celebrate the 4 of july
We’ll do 100 mph
Spendin someone elses dough
And we’ll drive all the way to reno
On the wrong side of the road

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