Bahia: Refinaria privatizada provoca desabastecimento de Gás de Cozinha


[:en]The Nazi like indifference of Globo towards the future of social programs

[:en]Photo: Mídia NINJA Daily Contextual Analysis – By Miguel do Rosário Translated by Eoin O’Neill The interview with Professor Wanderley Guilherme, published today in Cafezinho, contains an important alert for all Brazilians, especially the political community: we are entering a period of profound instability, because so far the coup has only been political. However, to […]

06 de maio de 2016 : 10h23

[:en]With Rousseff on the ropes, Brazil’s far right sees an opening

[:en]On Guardian With less than a week until the Brazilian senate votes on the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff, the question facing the nation is no longer whether the Workers’ party government will fall, but how far to the right the political pendulum will swing once it has fallen. For Marco Feliciano – an ultra-conservative […]

06 de maio de 2016 : 09h01

[:en]TUC backs Brazilian unions in opposing elite coup attempt

[:en] On TUC Dear comrades, Brazil is experiencing a turning point for the survival of democracy. Conservative sectors use the judiciary and big media conglomerates to persecute former president Lula and his family with a sordid campaign of lies and accusations without evidence. The fight is between the party of exclusion, which is headed by […]

05 de maio de 2016 : 14h06

The Coup advances: the PGR attacks Lula and Dilma

Photo: Mídia NINJA By Miguel do Rosário The golpista scenario has darkened the country. St. Bartholomew’s Night, as predicted by Luis Nassif a few days ago, has begun. The Federal Prosecutor General (PGR), Rodrigo Janot, who for some time has been emitting mixed signals, as a disguise, has now taken off his mask and made […]

04 de maio de 2016 : 12h24

Daily Contextual Analysis: The Dark Night

By Miguel do Rosário The coup has inspired very sinister projections for the near future, especially the increase in the level of state coercion, the reduction of liberties, and the deepening of the process of criminalization of political activities. Nevertheless, these things will only be politically useful to the coup if the corporate media assumes […]

03 de maio de 2016 : 10h02

Al Jazeera: Media barons are behind the coup in Brazil

In Al Jazeera. Brazil: Behind the Dilma Rousseff impeachment story What is driving the story in Brazil, corruption or the media? Plus, how messaging apps are reshaping how news is shared. 30 Apr 2016 12:37 GMT | Media, Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, Corruption, Politics Audiences around the world have seen the images from the Brazilian streets […]

01 de maio de 2016 : 14h06

The lords of the law: foundations and functions of operation “Car Wash”*

By Rogerio Dultra dos Santos** Translated by Brigada Herzog   The world watched, on that fateful April 17th a Sunday of horror for Brazil, the initial approval of the impeachment process of President Dilma Rousseff without sufficient presentation of legal grounds. This was, among other factors, result of the distorted electoral system based on businessfunded […]

01 de maio de 2016 : 12h22

Washington Launches Its Attack Against BRICS

By Paul Craig Roberts, on Having removed the reformist President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, Washington is now disposing of the reformist President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff. Washington used a federal judge to order Argentina to sacrifice its debt restructuring program in order to pay US vulture funds the full value of defaulted […]

30 de abril de 2016 : 17h49

How the TV Globo monopoly took over the political power in Brazil, opening the country to fascism

[GTranslate] by Gui Mallon* What TV GLOBO of Brazil did to that country is not just a crime against Brazil, but against Humanity. She distorted concepts such as Law, State and Democracy to a defenseless population of millions of political and cultural illiterates. TV GLOBO not only distorted information, but committed larceny, fraud. To lie […]

29 de abril de 2016 : 19h47

Stefan Zweig and moral atmosphere

Daily Contextual Analysis – 27/04/2016 by Miguel do Rosario. Translation: Eoin O’Neill. Stefan Zweig wrote a fabulous book, The World of Yesterday: Memories of a European, which discussed the transformation of Europe from the Belle Époque before World War I to the tumultuous and violent reality which began in 1914 and extended at the very […]

28 de abril de 2016 : 21h52

Dilma – Don’t Let Go! Open Letter to President Dilma Rousseff

Photo: Valter Campanato/ Agência Brasil Brazil: Dilma – Don’t Let Go! Open Letter to President Dilma Rousseff. “A New Sort of ‘Coups’ is being Invented – Less blood, More fraud” by Peter Koenig, Global Research Dear President Rousseff, Please do not let go! Don’t let the corrupt neoliberal right wing with the help – no, […]

28 de abril de 2016 : 19h39

Meet Brazil’s Donald Trump: He’s Deliberately Outrageous and He Wants to Be President

By James Armour Young, on Vice News Nothing about the pushing, shoving, and chanting that accompanied this month’s congressional vote in favor of impeaching Brazil’s president was very edifying — one man, however, threw all political protocol to the wind. Legislator Jair Bolsonaro took to the podium to announce that he was dedicating his “yes” […]

27 de abril de 2016 : 20h54

Oligarchs handing control of Brazil to corporate elites in slow-moving “coup,” critics say, as U.S. accused of quietly helping

Dilma Rousseff (Credit: AP/Eraldo Peres) by Ben Norton, The Salon Analysts are warning that there is a slow-motion “coup” going on in Brazil, where the country’s right-wing opposition is trying to impeach the democratically elected left-wing president with the support of corporate elites and likely even the U.S. “Brazilian financial and media elites are pretending […]

26 de abril de 2016 : 17h07

Brazil’s political crisis: With a congressional vote for the president’s impeachment, what’s next for Brazil?

in Al Jazeera Brazil’s political soap opera took its latest twist when the country’s lower house of Congress voted to impeach President Dilma Rousseff earlier this month. Rousseff is accused of illegally using money from state-owned banks to mask the country’s deficit and improve her bid for re-election. Rousseff says the effort to ouster her […]

26 de abril de 2016 : 16h28

Daily Contextual Analysis by Miguel do Rosario

Photo: Mídia NINJA I would like apologize to our readers for my terrible failures as an analyst. Contaminated by a fierce optimism, I believed that we would defeat the coup. How many times did I write that the impeachment was dead and buried? Like most people, I neither knew nor could I imagine the level […]

26 de abril de 2016 : 13h18

Globo’s Billionaire Heir, João Roberto Marinho, Attacked Me in the Guardian. Here’s my Response

By David Miranda, on The Intercept What was the most powerful man in Brazil, the billionaire heir of the Globo empire, João Roberto Marinho (above), doing in the comment section of The Guardian? Granted: his comment received a coveted “Recommended” tag from Guardian editors – congratulations, João! – but still, it is not the place one […]

25 de abril de 2016 : 18h29

The Impeachment Of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Is A Farce

On New Republic Look no further than the reasons given by some of the 367 congressmen who voted Sunday for impeachment charges to be brought against her before the Senate (h/t Cecília Olliveira): “For my granddaughter’s birthday” “For peace in Jerusalem” “For the foundations of Christianity ” “For science and technology” There’s something almost honorable […]

25 de abril de 2016 : 15h05

Largest European social democratic party denounces coup in Brazil

Photo: Escracho protest outside Palácio do Jaburo, official residence of the golpista Michel Temer. Credit: Mídia Ninja). Translation by Colin Mansell One of the principal German parties, the Social Democratic Party (SPD), which is part of the governing coalition of the country, released a manifesto a short while ago to the international press in which […]

25 de abril de 2016 : 10h06

BRICS Under Attack: The Empire Strikes Back In Brazil

By Eric Draitser, on Mint Press News The last decade has seen a remarkable coalescing of non-Western nations in both economic and political partnerships. These multilateral institutions have been championed as alternatives to Western organs of political and economic power such as NATO, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. From the growth of […]

24 de abril de 2016 : 19h28

Brazilian Congressmen articulate rewarding House Leader with pardon if impeachment is approved

by Colin Mansell “Any other Congressman would not have resisted the pressures from the Planalto Palace. We are going to save him”, explained Congressman Dirceu Sperafico (PP-PR) to the site Congress in Focus Federal Congressmen are already articulating a pardon for the Leader of the House, Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) if the impeachment of President Dilma […]

24 de abril de 2016 : 15h24