Despolarizando (11 h): o impacto da volta de Lula nas eleições de 2022. Convidado: Carlos Lupi


Governo americano lança “novo manual para derrubar governos estrangeiros”

Não é piada nem teoria da conspiração. A matéria foi publicada, há alguns dias, na Newsweek, uma revista mainstream, com um título que não deixa margem para ambiguidades: “Forças Especiais dos EUA publicam novo guia sobre como derrubar governos estrangeiros”. O guia pode ser baixado aqui. São 250 páginas com detalhes sobre décadas de intervenção […]

14 de maio de 2019 : 07h07

A pesquisa completa sobre o que pensam os russos sobre Stalin, hoje

Stalin recebe melhor avaliação dos cidadãos russos em 20 anos EFE/ Tatyana Zenkovich A figura do ditador soviético Josef Stalin é vista positivamente por mais da metade dos russos, o que representa a melhor avalição nos últimos 20 anos, segundo uma pesquisa divulgada nesta terça-feira pelo Centro Levada. Segundo a pesquisa, realizada entre 21 e […]

17 de abril de 2019 : 09h05

Pepe Escobar on Brazil

By Pepe Escobar, on Facebook (Feb 6, 2019) It’s a bottomless pit – with no pendulum, to quote Poe – the degree of utter submission/degradation Brazil has fallen under the Evangelical Banana Clowns (ECB). Steve Bannon now even conducts policy for the neo-colony, blatantly, on the record. Bannon said that Veep General Mourao is “out […]

06 de fevereiro de 2019 : 16h13

Chevron to buy Pasadena refinery from Petrobras for $350 mln

On Reuters Chevron to buy Pasadena refinery from Petrobras for $350 mln HOUSTON (Reuters) – Chevron Corp said on Wednesday it would pay $350 million to buy a refinery in Pasadena, Texas, from Brazilian state oil company Petrobras, confirming a Reuters report from Monday. In addition to the 110,000-barrel-per-day (bpd) refinery, Chevron will take ownership […]

31 de janeiro de 2019 : 11h40

Ernesto Araujo: “I don’t like Wittgenstein”

On Bloomberg Bolsonaro Was Not Elected to Take Brazil as He Found It Latin America’s biggest democracy has a bigger global role to play. By Ernesto Araujo, minister of Foreign Relations of Brazil 7 de janeiro de 2019 11:00 BRST “Brazilian foreign policy cannot change.” That is how a Brazilian politician summarized his dislike for […]

07 de janeiro de 2019 : 14h05

Haddad in USA

BRAZILIAN OPPOSITION LEADER, FERNANDO HADDAD, IN THE UNITED STATES TO DISCUSS THREATS TO DEMOCRACY IN BRAZIL, MEETS WITH INTERNATIONAL PROGRESSIVE FRONT Brazil opposition leader Fernando Haddad is visiting the East Coast of the United States, beginning on November 28th. A former Education Minister and former Mayor of São Paulo, Haddad headed the democratic coalition that […]

28 de novembro de 2018 : 18h02

Em entrevista a Democracy Now, Chomsky fez críticas aos erros da esquerda brasileira

Por Hermano G. Em entrevista recente a Amy Goodman, do Democracy Now, Noam Chomsky afirmou que alguns erros da esquerda brasileira deram oportunidade para Bolsonaro chegar ao poder. De acordo com Chomsky, devemos reconhecer que os tempos de Lula na presidência do Brasil foram, como afirmou o Banco Mundial, a década de ouro no país. […]

26 de novembro de 2018 : 15h38

Hindsights on the growing politicization of inequality, in Brazil

Wid.World is a research project which has the participation of Thomas Piketty. Brazil Divided: Hindsights on the Growing Politicization of Inequality. A. Gethin and M. Morgan combine inequality statistics and opinion polls to contextualize the rise of Jair Bolsonaro and the extreme class polarisation in Brasil. — Thomas Piketty (@PikettyLeMonde) 25 de outubro de […]

25 de outubro de 2018 : 13h37

The Hindu: The curious saga of Lula da Silva that has undermined democracy in Brazil

On The Hindu A crisis that’s been long in the making By Vijay Prashad APRIL 10, 2018 00:02 IST UPDATED: APRIL 09, 2018 23:13 IST The curious saga of Lula da Silva that has undermined democracy in Brazil Over the weekend, Brazil’s former President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva turned himself in to the police […]

28 de abril de 2018 : 09h19

Lula, justice and the case of the Beachfront Apartment

By Mariana T Noviello Photo: (Facebook Guilherme Boulos) MTST member on the rooftop of the beachfront apartment attributed to Lula On 16th April, approximately 50 members of the MTST – The Homeless Workers’ Movement – decided to occupy the three-floor apartment attributed to Lula. “It was the first time that the MTST occupied a property […]

21 de abril de 2018 : 07h15

Miscarriage of Justice: Ex-President Lula’s Imprisonment in Brazil

The persecution and prosecution of former president Lula da Silva is a transparent attempt to remove Brazil’s most popular candidate from the presidential race because he is also the one most disliked by the country’s elite, says CEPR’s Mark Weisbrot Visit for more stories and help support our work by donating at

13 de abril de 2018 : 14h01

Brazil: the Great Jump Backwards

One year after the impeachment of Dilma Rousseff, Brazil is in crisis. In this documentary, ARTE picks apart the current situation and asks: is Brazil’s democracy under threat? Directors: Frédérique Zingaro, Mathilde Bonnassieux

12 de abril de 2018 : 17h44

A president in prison won’t solve the crisis in Brazil

On AlJazeera (Photo: Former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, with former President Dilma Rousseff, at the headquarters of the Metalworkers’ Union on) Why Lula’s conviction, like previous attempts to control the political crisis in Brazil, is unlikely to work. by Rodrigo Nunes 5 hours ago The Portuguese word “golpe” has a polysemy that is […]

12 de abril de 2018 : 16h38

Lula’s historic speech before his illegal imprisonment

(After finishing his speech, Lula was carried shoulder high by the people. Photo: Francisco Proner). *** LULA’S HISTORIC SPEECH IN SÃO BERNARDO Transcription in Portuguese by Brasil de Fato | São Paulo (SP), 7 April 2018 at 14:50 Translated by Eoin O’Neill “In 1979, this trade union went on one of the most extraordinary strikes. […]

10 de abril de 2018 : 12h24

Support for Lula is not just Populism

To support Lula is also to support Brazilian Democracy When thinking about Lula it is to separate two facts that the foreign media has either not understood or has deliberately decided not to explain to their non-Brazilian readers. Lula’s support is not just part of a ‘Populist trend’. There are two fundamental and distinct reasons […]

07 de abril de 2018 : 13h51

Exclusive! Lula on Democracy Now

Democracy Now! is an hour-long American TV, radio and internet news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan González.[1] The show, which airs live each weekday at 08:00 ET, is broadcast on the internet and by over 1,400 radio and television stations worldwide. *** Exclusive: Brazilian Presidential Candidate Lula on Facing Jail as He […]

19 de março de 2018 : 17h45

Trump amplia terrorismo financeiro contra Venezuela

(Foto: AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta) O presidente dos EUA, Donald Trump, assinou, agora há pouco, mais sanções financeiras contra a Venezuela, tentando cortar qualquer possibilidade do país, após conseguir se estabilizar politicamente, iniciar um processo de recuperação econômica. O governo brasileiro, covarde e submisso aos interesses norte-americanos, está prevaricando ao não tomar posição […]

19 de março de 2018 : 17h04

Protest against Sergio Moro in New York

On Defend Democracy in Brazil’s page March 2, 2018 Dear Americas Society/Council Of Americas Conference Participant, The Committee Defend Democracy in Brazil, which in 2017 first exposed* in the United States Judge Sérgio Moro’s fallacy with the Car Wash (“Lava Jato”) Operation, will now further expose the immoralities and illegalities of the same Judge Sérgio […]

02 de março de 2018 : 13h09

Brazil Wire: Is the US using Odebrecht as a Trojan Horse?

On Brazil Wire Is the US using Odebrecht as a Trojan Horse? Radio WNUR interviews Brian Mier about the Lawfare attacks on Latin America On February 17, 2018, Brasil Wire editor Brian Mier was interviewed on Chicago radio station WNUR’s This is Hell Program. The following is a transcript, edited for readability. Chuck Mertz: The […]

24 de fevereiro de 2018 : 16h08

And the political execration of Lula via the judiciary goes on…

Photo: Geoffrey Robertson, Lula’s Lawyer at the UN Human Rights Commission By Mariana T Noviello The conviction of Brazil’s former President Lula da Silva was upheld by the appeal court in Porto Alegre. Jurists flag further legal inconsistencies. All the three appeal judges of the 4th Regional Federal Court of Porto Alegre (TRF4) upheld the […]

02 de fevereiro de 2018 : 16h28