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Trump amplia terrorismo financeiro contra Venezuela

(Foto: AP Photo / Manuel Balce Ceneta) O presidente dos EUA, Donald Trump, assinou, agora há pouco, mais sanções financeiras contra a Venezuela, tentando cortar qualquer possibilidade do país, após conseguir se estabilizar politicamente, iniciar um processo de recuperação econômica. O governo brasileiro, covarde e submisso aos interesses norte-americanos, está prevaricando ao não tomar posição […]

19 de março de 2018 : 17h04

Protest against Sergio Moro in New York

On Defend Democracy in Brazil’s page March 2, 2018 Dear Americas Society/Council Of Americas Conference Participant, The Committee Defend Democracy in Brazil, which in 2017 first exposed* in the United States Judge Sérgio Moro’s fallacy with the Car Wash (“Lava Jato”) Operation, will now further expose the immoralities and illegalities of the same Judge Sérgio […]

02 de março de 2018 : 13h09

Brazil Wire: Is the US using Odebrecht as a Trojan Horse?

On Brazil Wire Is the US using Odebrecht as a Trojan Horse? Radio WNUR interviews Brian Mier about the Lawfare attacks on Latin America On February 17, 2018, Brasil Wire editor Brian Mier was interviewed on Chicago radio station WNUR’s This is Hell Program. The following is a transcript, edited for readability. Chuck Mertz: The […]

24 de fevereiro de 2018 : 16h08

And the political execration of Lula via the judiciary goes on…

Photo: Geoffrey Robertson, Lula’s Lawyer at the UN Human Rights Commission By Mariana T Noviello The conviction of Brazil’s former President Lula da Silva was upheld by the appeal court in Porto Alegre. Jurists flag further legal inconsistencies. All the three appeal judges of the 4th Regional Federal Court of Porto Alegre (TRF4) upheld the […]

02 de fevereiro de 2018 : 16h28

Eletrobras paid R$ 400 million to American lobbyist linked to the Wilson Center

On Slatingnews.com (original in Portuguese) This photo is one of my favorites. From left to right: Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute and commentator for Globonews and CBN, Anthony Harrington, president of the Brazil Institute, president of the Board of Directors of Albright Stonebridge and ex-senior partner at the Hogan Lovells law firm,Jane Harman, president of […]

30 de janeiro de 2018 : 14h21

Elections without Lula is Fraud!

In the UK, Brazilians are organising themselves to show solidarity to President Lula. On the 13th January, the London International Committee for Solidarity with Lula will be launched and there will be an Act of Solidarity on 24th of January, date in which Former President Lula will have his appeal heard in Porto Alegre. The […]

10 de janeiro de 2018 : 15h37

Al Jazeera denuncia: Globo manipula agenda política brasileira

Assista ao vídeo abaixo, publicado há pouco na Al Jazeera. Assim que alguém souber de uma versão legendada, favor deixar o link nos comentários.

09 de setembro de 2017 : 18h25

Be careful of what you hear about Brazil

(BRASILIA/DF, TEMER RODA VIVA NACIONAL 11/11/2016. President MICHEL TEMER during an interview for mainstream press. Photo: Beto Barata/PR) Please, be careful of what you hear about Brazil. What’s happening here is very different from what you may be reading in recent years. I’m not telling you I own the truth and that everything you’ve read […]

09 de agosto de 2017 : 23h09

Audio: Brazil Ex-Pres Lula’s Attorney Exposes Truth Behind Legal Persecution

On Sputnik Brazil Ex-Pres Lula’s Attorney Exposes Truth Behind Legal Persecution By Brian Becker On today’s episode of Loud & Clear, Brian Becker is joined by Valeska Teixeira Martins, a lawyer for former President of Brazil, Lula da Silva. Listen here or here! 00:00 / 57:36

18 de julho de 2017 : 18h00

The Saga continues, Chapter xxx*: Lula’s Conviction

Photo: Triplex attributed to Lula in Guarujá (top apartment on the left of middle building) Folha de São Paulo. It seems that Globo, Brazil’s largest media conglomerate, invented a new form of reality TV. Instead of bringing real people to live within a confined environment like caged animals in programmes such as Big Brother, it […]

16 de julho de 2017 : 13h13

The judicial abduction of Eduardo Guimarães raises the ghost of dictatorship

(Eduardo Guimarães is in the center. The young man at left is his lawyer) By Miguel do Rosário, editor do Cafezinho On the morning of Tuesday, 21st March, I woke up early, had a coffee and turned on my computer to catch up with the latest news in social media. It's how I usually start […]

28 de março de 2017 : 11h45

What will remain of Brazil after the Car Wash investigations?

[Para ler a versão em português deste texto, clique aqui] (Photo: Sergio Moro, Car Wash’s judge, receiving an Award from Globo, Brazilian largest media corporation) Dear Readers, the Cafezinho blog is launching today a monthly political bulletin in English. In this first edition we conduct a political analysis of what is happening in Brazil. We […]

15 de fevereiro de 2017 : 08h51

In the Brazil of the Coup, whose death matters?

Photo: Prison in Rio Grande do Norte where 26 people died Exclusive for Cafezinho by Marianna T Noviello Only a fortnight into the new year and rebellions in Brazilian prisons have left 134 people dead. The timeline of media events moves too fast, going from disaster to disaster, scandal to scandal vying for our attention. […]

17 de janeiro de 2017 : 14h35

Entrusted to Save Brazil: The Party That Ruined Rio

by Simon Romero, New York Times RIO DE JANEIRO — Students are taking over Rio de Janeiro schools to protest crippling education cuts, while the politician who helped bring the Summer Olympics to this city is battling allegations that he pocketed millions in bribes. Grenade blasts from drug-gang battles echo through Leblon, the seaside bastion […]

24 de maio de 2016 : 09h44

[:en]New Political Earthquake in Brazil: Is It Now Time for Media Outlets to Call This a “Coup”?

[:en]Credits: Antônio Cruz/ Agência Brasil by Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept BRAZIL TODAY AWOKE to stunning news of secret, genuinely shocking conversations involving a key minister in Brazil’s newly installed government, which shine a bright light on the actual motives and participants driving the impeachment of the country’s democratically elected president, Dilma Rousseff. The transcripts were published by the […]

23 de maio de 2016 : 15h58

[:en]Globo behind coup? Brazil president’s supporters blame impeachment on media

[:en] on Russia Today Brazil has been plunged into a deepening political crisis, with its first female president suspended after five years in power. Dilma Rousseff’s supporters accuse the dominant media, owned by Brazil’s richest families, of fanning the flames of discord. The escalating political crisis has driven a wedge between local residents, with anti-Rousseff […]

17 de maio de 2016 : 20h41

[:en]Noam Chomsky: Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff “Impeached by a Gang of Thieves”

[:en] on Democracy Now As protests continue in Brazil over the Legislature’s vote to suspend President Dilma Rousseff and put her on trial, Noam Chomsky notes that “we have the one leading politician who hasn’t stolen to enrich herself, who’s being impeached by a gang of thieves, who have done so. That does count as […]

17 de maio de 2016 : 16h33

[:en]8 Latin American Countries Reject Coup Against Dilma Rousseff

[:en]Photo: Mídia NINJA On teleSUR Brazil’s controversial Senate-coup-imposed President Michel Temer has been largely isolated in Latin America in his first days in office after a the legislative body’s decision to suspend Dilma Rousseff, with only Argentina’s conservative government of President Mauricio Macri publicly stating support for the newly-installed right-wing government. 1. Venezuela Venezuelan President […]

17 de maio de 2016 : 15h23

[:en]’Brazil is not a democracy’: Cannes contender’s cast stage red carpet protest

[:en]On The Guardian The cast and crew of Aquarius, an acclaimed Brazilian drama in competition at Cannes have used the film’s official premiere to mount a protest as what they see as a coup in their country. Writer-director Kleber Mendonca Filho, along with his cast and crew, climbed the steps to the Palais in Cannes […]

17 de maio de 2016 : 15h18

[:en]Brazil Impeachment Brings to Mind Thailand’s 2014 Military Coup

[:en]by Gwynne Dyer, on Common Dreams Q: What’s the difference between the coup that overthrew the elected government in Thailand in Thailand in 2014 and the coup that has now removed the elected government in Brazil? A: The coup-makers in Thailand wore uniforms. The Brazilian Senate has just voted 55 to 22 to impeach President […]

16 de maio de 2016 : 19h23