Fundador do Instituto Ideia vê chance de Lula vencer no 1° turno


The Death Gap Between Rich and Poor Is Only Getting Bigger

By Sam Pizzigati, on Alternet Rich people live longer than poor people. No big news there — we’ve known that health tracks wealth for quite some time now. But here’s what we haven’t known: The life-expectancy gap between rich and poor in the United States is actually accelerating. Since 2001, American men among the nation’s […]

24 de abril de 2016 : 14h46

The 10 lies of Globo

Globo, a media group from Brazil, responded to an article published by The Guardian about the brazilian political crisis. Here’s the result by Priscila Silva LIE 1: “It fails to mention that everything began with an investigation (named Operation Carwash)”. The impeachment has nothing to do with Operation Car Wash, and Globo is mentioning it […]

24 de abril de 2016 : 09h24

Unpicking the Coup — The Big Lie

Photo: Lina Marinelli / Jornalistas Livres by Colin Mansell The rationale behind the coup underway in Brazil is that Dilma, Lula and the Worker’s Party are corrupt. With no evidence, this has to be manufactured, hence the Mensalão and Lava Jato “investigations”, arriving at false conclusions to rationalize their belief in their own rightness. This is […]

23 de abril de 2016 : 16h30

Dilma Is Not Being Attacked Because Of Her Mistakes, But For Her Right Doings

Photo: Mídia NINJA By Paulo Pimenta (Worker’s Party) – Brazil’s Congressman What happened last Sunday in Brazil’s Congress confirmed what we have already been denouncing: Dilma is not going through an impeachment, but through a coup. With 367 votes in favor of the admissibility of the impediment process of the President, the House of Representatives […]

23 de abril de 2016 : 11h18

Washington’s Dog-Whistle Diplomacy Supports Attempted Coup in Brazil

Image: Victor T. By Mark Weisbrot, on Huffington Post The day after the impeachment vote in the lower house of Brazil’s congress, one of the leaders of the effort, Senator Aloysio Nunes, traveled to Washington, D.C. He had scheduled meetings with a number of U.S. officials, including Thomas Shannon at the State Department. Shannon has […]

22 de abril de 2016 : 18h35

Pepe Escobar: Of course it is a coup!

CrossTalking with Brian Becker, Pepe Escobar and Andrea Murta. Watch!

22 de abril de 2016 : 13h19

Hybrid War Hyenas Tear Brazil Apart

By Pepe Escobar, on Couterpunch The gloomy and repulsive night when the female President of the 7th largest economy in the world was the prey of choice fed to a lynch mob of hyenas in a drab, provincial Circus Maximus will forever live in infamy. By 367 votes for and 137 against, the impeachment/coup/regime change-light […]

22 de abril de 2016 : 12h03

The real reason Dilma Rousseff’s enemies want her impeached

by David Miranda, The Guardian he story of Brazil’s political crisis, and the rapidly changing global perception of it, begins with its national media. The country’s dominant broadcast and print outlets are owned by a tiny handful of Brazil’s richest families, and are steadfastly conservative. For decades, those media outlets have been used to agitate […]

21 de abril de 2016 : 19h15

Popular mobilization could stop the coup in the Senate!

on BBC Brasil / Translation: Colin Mansell Despite the “probable” approval of the impeachment by the Senate, this is not guaranteed and could be influenced by a possible change in the degree of support from public opinion  for the exit of Dilma Rousseff as a result of the current process. The assessment is in the most […]

21 de abril de 2016 : 14h05

The Brazilian crisis and world geopolitics

The theologist, Leonardo Boff publishes an important article denouncing the action of the U.S.A. in the coup against the Dilma Rousseff government. *** The Brazilian crisis and world geopolitics by Leonardo Boff, Jornal do Brasil / Translation: Colin Mansell It would be a mistake to think the crisis in Brazil arose only in Brazil. It comes […]

21 de abril de 2016 : 13h00

The fallout from Dilma Rousseff’s impeachment will reach beyond Brazil

Photo: Levante Popular da Juventude by Richard Bourne, The Guardian It is worth standing back from the impeachment proceedings in Brazil, and impending regime change, to ask: “What does this mean for Brazil’s standing in the world?” Notoriously, Charles de Gaulle is said to have dismissed the country as not serious, but a place for samba, […]

21 de abril de 2016 : 11h37

Hot Coffee News de hoje fala dos protestos contra reportagem da Istoé

A brigada Herzog continua ativa e produzindo um programa diário em inglês, de segunda a sexta, sobre a conjuntura política brasileira. O programa é apresentado por Otto Fischer um jornalista alemão radicado no Brasil, e traz legendas em português. Segue a edição desta segunda-feira, que fala dos protestos de mulheres contra a reportagem machista da […]

04 de abril de 2016 : 03h45

No to hate! Yes to peace and democracy! Não vai ter golpe!

O Cafezinho Daily Analysis – 23/03/2016 “Free me from the worlds born of hate, save me from the dark infinitude under which my heavens die. Send a ray of light into this night and may the stars lost in the dense mist of my soul leave. Show me the road to myself, open me a […]

25 de março de 2016 : 12h33

Comments on Brazilian Crisis, by Cafezinho’s readers

We are translating some comments made on Brazilian political crisis, made by our readers. Here some of them:   Márcio Batista Martins  The largest television network in Brazil stimulates hatred among Brazilians and the persecution of those who fight against the coup, in the same way that the Nazis persecuted and encouraged the persecution of […]

23 de março de 2016 : 11h03

Former governor of SP, Claudio Lembo, denounces mediatic coup d’état

  Former governor of SP, Claudio Lembo, denounces mediatic coup d’état According to Para Claudio Lembo, the Ministério Público (Prosecution Service) has become an ‘absolutist king’ in Brazil By Álvaro de Campos, in Estado de São Paulo.  18 March 2016 | 15:37 – Updated: 18 March 2016 | 15:37 According to the former governor of […]

21 de março de 2016 : 10h23

A coup against democracy in Brasil! A mediatic coup d’etát!

Hello world! A mediatic coup is happening in Brazil.   Below, you could read some texts published in the Brazilian blog O Cafezinho, written by several readers of the blog.  We translated them to english because the world needs to know.    Davidson De Oliveira Azevedo The government which most fought against corruption in history is being overthrown […]

18 de março de 2016 : 00h10
O Xadrez para Governador do Ceará Lula ou Bolsonaro podem vencer no 1º turno? O Xadrez para Governador de Santa Catarina