Bahia: Refinaria privatizada provoca desabastecimento de Gás de Cozinha

A coup against democracy in Brasil! A mediatic coup d’etát!

Por Miguel do Rosário

18 de março de 2016 : 00h10

Hello world!

A mediatic coup is happening in Brazil.  

Below, you could read some texts published in the Brazilian blog O Cafezinho, written by several readers of the blog. 

We translated them to english because the world needs to know. 


Davidson De Oliveira Azevedo The government which most fought against corruption in history is being overthrown by people who claim to hate corruption.

Geovana Maia Brazil is going through a moment of political crisis led by the means of mass communication, all from the right and directed by only five families. 
It is not in the interest of the press that income will continue to be distributed, which will remove some of the privileges of the dominant class, such as having various domestic employees. 
Many in the judiciary are acting against the government in exchange for the spotlights of the media. No one thinks of the people. Dilma and Lula are fighting alone. We are asking for the truth to be told to the world.

Myller Meneguini Today in Brazil there exists a plot between the mediatic oligarchy, the judicial bureaucracy, and the political forces of the opposition to remove from power a government democratically elected by the people, which finds itself unable to carry out its functions due to repeated attacks of judges who base their decisions on the script of Globo, in exchange for fifteen minutes of fame.

We are experiencing a moment when a judge can illegally bug the president of the republic, leak this to the means of communication, who lie about its content, and can go unpunished, knowing that his golpismo (support for the coup) and his political attitudes will be revealed as being the Brazilian in Globo Network’s web of lies. Brazil is asking for help against this illegality and the destruction of its political structure, with the risk of regressing more than 50 years, back to the fateful day we suffered a military coup.

Diego Rolim They want to take someone from power who was elected with the votes of the majority of the Brazilian people, who has fought against corruption so much, in order to continue doing what they always did. And above to remove the greatest political leader that country has ever had due to fear of possible dispute. Because they are afraid of another defeat at the ballot box!

Júlio Gomes de Barros Brazil is living in a state of exception, with a mediatic and judicial conspiracy trying to overthrow a legitimate government. There will be no coup, since we will fight against it, for as long as there is a drop of blood in our veins.

Marcos Feijó de Almeida We Brazilians are being kept in a perpetual crisis through the means of coordinated actions between the judiciary, the Federal Police and the mainstream media, especially Globo Television Network.

Luciana Guimaraes Removing Dilma from the government is a coup!!!! 
The rotten media, the corrupt Federal Police, a completely biased judicial system, all avid at any cost to regain the power they lost years ago at the ballot box. Brazil does not deserve this rottenness!!!!!

Marcia Elizabeth Santos Whenever a government has on its political agenda the concern with ending with misery and social inequalities in our Brazil, coups always happen to make this political agenda impossible. History is full of examples of this. Forces opposed to a real democracy, which is not restricted to freedom of expression and association, but which go far, far, beyond this: the autonomy of a people in relation to access and to guarantees of human rights, a good education, health, work, housing… Whenever a Government tried to reduce social inequalities in this obscene pyramid, between Casa Grande and Senzala (the mansion and the slave quarters), golpismo has shamelessly made itself present, the old partnership between the elite and the media, when not directly with the judiciary. Thus, since the Brazilian left, precisely the Workers’ Party, has occupied the government, and tried to implement its political agenda for a real social transformation, the opposition forces have acted. Currently, we can see an anti-corruption program being used to actually overthrow a legitimately elected Head of State. Attitudes which breach the Democratic Rule of Law, carried out by institutions which should be protecting it, as is the case of the Federal Police and Prosecution Service (Ministério Público), at the head of the anti-corruption investigations, which have sought to prejudice the President of Brazil and prevent her from governing and continuing social transformation policies. At this moment, more than ever in the recent democratic history of Brazil, we need all Brazilian men and women who want a Brazil with more equality and social rights to stand up against this golpismo. Irrespective of positions and political parties. What is in play at this moment is the democratic future of Brazil.

Marcos Zubrycky The time of cordial Brazil has ended. Our deep social woes have re-emerged with strength. The existing differences between the various actors in society have taken the form of fissures, throwing earth over the struggle of thousands of Brazilians who with great effort have dared to construct a project of an inclusive and responsible nation.

Our democratic institutions have been kidnapped and taken over by corruptors dressed as republicans. All they are interested in is the continuation of chaos so they can tranquilly continue with their business and deals, in the shadow of the law. With the power of money, and the endorsement given to them by the media, they excite the masses and corrode hearts and souls. 

Hypocrites, they want to end the investigations using false morality and false wisdom. They are the moneychangers in the Temple who Christ warned us about. History usually puts them in the proper place. In the bin!

Henrique Pompermaier The largest communications conglomerate in Brazil which over the last twelve years has homoeopathically turned society against the Workers’ Party, now it is in partnership with what is the most conservative and opportunist in the history of this country: the extrema-right, rentiers, and part of the judiciary. They have taken advantage of the global economic crisis, and since Dilma was democratically elected, there are no more guarantees for tomorrow; a part of civil society acts like zombies ignoring the content of basic history books in Brazil. There is an ideologically patrolling mixing Cold War ideas with anger and hate, where citizens no longer give importance to the breaking of laws and the breaching of the democratic rule of law. We are talking about the party which has carried out the largest social transformations in this country. We need help and international support.

Hesli Fabricio A very difficult task. So many things have happened since the elections, since 2015, there was the letter from the vice president, there has been everything. Not to mentioned oil, BRICS, Latin American integration, and many more things.

Najó Glória The possibility of the coup divides us, confrontations are already occurring. I am worried about the absence of good faith on the part of institutions which should act as references, the injustice against Lula has placed us with no option but to fight.


Miguel do Rosário

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