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Comments on Brazilian Crisis, by Cafezinho’s readers

Por Miguel do Rosário

23 de março de 2016 : 11h03

We are translating some comments made on Brazilian political crisis, made by our readers. Here some of them:


Márcio Batista Martins  The largest television network in Brazil stimulates hatred among Brazilians and the persecution of those who fight against the coup, in the same way that the Nazis persecuted and encouraged the persecution of human groups.

Márcio Batista Martins The largest television network, in the name of profit and power, has tried to hold to ransom all the powers of the republic, taking advantage of its illegal and immoral monopoly, which is not seen anywhere else. Only in dictatorships does there exist a television channel which impose predominant way of thinking.

Pedro Gustavo Using the same techniques as Nazi marketing, such as depositing all the problems in single source of evil.

Daliana Nunes  Brazil, governed for 14 years by a political project which prioritizes social welfare and the greater participation of the state in the economy, is annoying the neoliberal sectors who defend an agenda of privatizations and a minimal role for the state. The latter, strongly supported by imperialist countries, by large international corporations, by opposition members of congress, by the media, and by part of the judiciary, has been organizing since 2013 to destabilize the economy and the federal government promoting mediatic scandals and political and judicial persecutions of members of the governing party, inflaming in society a hatred against a single political party, in this case the Workers’ Party, exposing the most important leaders of the party to accusations of corruption, although these accusations are never duly proved. On the other hand, the opposition parties, historically involved in corruption, are spared and the majority of the accusations against them are set aside by the judiciary and are not denounced by the media with the same intensity and fury! Now they will submit the president of Brazil to an impeachment process without any denunciation or accusation of corruption against her, remembering that many of the deputies who make up commission of impeachment and the president of this commission have either been denounced or accused of corruption.

Cesar Gadelha Since the last elections the defeated parties, who have received support from the national and international economic powers, and are also supported by the largest communication group in the country, and not accepting their electoral defeat, have worked together to create political and economic instability in the country and to expand the effects of this through mediatic terrorism, and to strengthen themselves even more have used a taskforce from the judiciary to take political advantage from its developments with the connivance of part of this team which supplies the media with leaks about the media aimed at the government party and in this have resulted in the growth of real hatred in part of the population and have managed to achieved popular support to give legitimacy to their golpista acts, which are aimed at overthrowing the government in any form (disenfranchising, impeachment, or making the president resign) since the day after the elections. I cannot state with certainty who this interests, I can only know who it does not interest: the Brazilian people and democratic stability.

Luiza Almeida Democracy in Brazil is threatened by Brazilians controlled by television, who do not see the obvious, driven by hatred and the intolerance of the lies told by part of a cynical and bankrupt media, by corrupt politicians, by losers, and fascist lunatics, who for a long time have orchestrated a COUP. And COUPS, my friends, are part of a sad Brazilian past, which should be buried and forgotten. It is not worthwhile ‘betting your money on it.’

Emmanoel Carvalho A corrupt conservative congress wants to impeach Dilma under the false allegation of the crime of responsibility without any judicial basis. Political instability began with the election of Eduardo Cunha as President of the Chamber of Deputies. The coup is being strongly encouraged by Globo television network.


Miguel do Rosário

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