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Pepe Escobar on Brazil

Por Miguel do Rosário

06 de fevereiro de 2019 : 16h13

By Pepe Escobar, on Facebook (Feb 6, 2019)

It’s a bottomless pit – with no pendulum, to quote Poe – the degree of utter submission/degradation Brazil has fallen under the Evangelical Banana Clowns (ECB). Steve Bannon now even conducts policy for the neo-colony, blatantly, on the record.

Bannon said that Veep General Mourao is “out of line”. Imagine anyone anywhere in the Global South saying, on the record, and correctly – that Mike Pence is an android light bulb, minus the bulb. Bannon runs the Bolsonaro gang – directly linked to a militia/death squad in Rio. And the gang is now in open conflict with the Veep.

Check out again my piece on the Brazilian military – on Asia Times and The Saker. It’s increasingly likely that sooner rather than later the people who are actually running things – Mourao and his group, including Bolsonaro’s chief strategist, General Heleno – will move for the kill and get rid of the sub-Soprano clowns via a soft coup.

The IQ of an amoeba FM Araujo – no offense to amoebas – has just played the bitch of psycho killer Bolton in D.C., saying that the ECBs would join the US “humanitarian” scam in Venezuela. But then the military flatly refused to play the game; they don’t want to pick a fight with the Venezuelan military.

Pic: to the left, the mini-Sopranos. To the right, Mourao the General Appeaser, or Appeaser General. No surrealist plot ever beats Brazilian politics.

Miguel do Rosário

Miguel do Rosário é jornalista e editor do blog O Cafezinho. Nasceu em 1975, no Rio de Janeiro, onde vive e trabalha até hoje.

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