O que disse Lula sobre o crescimento do PIB?

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Lula, justice and the case of the Beachfront Apartment

By Mariana T Noviello Photo: (Facebook Guilherme Boulos) MTST member on the rooftop of the beachfront apartment attributed to Lula On 16th April, approximately 50 members of the MTST – The Homeless Workers’ Movement – decided to occupy the three-floor apartment attributed to Lula. “It was the first time that the MTST occupied a property […]

21 de abril de 2018 : 07h15

And the political execration of Lula via the judiciary goes on…

Photo: Geoffrey Robertson, Lula’s Lawyer at the UN Human Rights Commission By Mariana T Noviello The conviction of Brazil’s former President Lula da Silva was upheld by the appeal court in Porto Alegre. Jurists flag further legal inconsistencies. All the three appeal judges of the 4th Regional Federal Court of Porto Alegre (TRF4) upheld the […]

02 de fevereiro de 2018 : 16h28