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Elections without Lula is Fraud!

In the UK, Brazilians are organising themselves to show solidarity to President Lula. On the 13th January, the London International Committee for Solidarity with Lula will be launched and there will be an Act of Solidarity on 24th of January, date in which Former President Lula will have his appeal heard in Porto Alegre. The […]

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In the UK, Brazilians are organising themselves to show solidarity to President Lula.

On the 13th January, the London International Committee for Solidarity with Lula will be launched and there will be an Act of Solidarity on 24th of January, date in which Former President Lula will have his appeal heard in Porto Alegre.

The Committee will bring together individuals and organisations in Britain that have for the past 2 years been fighting for democracy in Brazil.

There are three established groups formed by Brazilian activists in London: the PT Nucleus (members of the Workers’ Party), and two civil societies organisations, Democracy for Brazil and Arts for Democracy.

In addition, there is the Trades Union based “No Coup in Brazil” – which provides the support and solidarity of British Trade Unions, in particular to President Lula, who is still regarded as one of the most important men to come out of the world trade union movement – and the Labour Party’s “Labour Friends of Progressive Latin America”.

These organisations and individuals have also come together to urge people to sign the petition “Elections without Lula is Fraud”.

Your can read their contribution below:

Over 155k have signed the petition “Elections without Lula is fraud”, amongst them legal professionals, academics, politicians, artists and union leaders across the world.

On 24th January, the case against the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, will be tried on appeal.

Lula is currently well ahead in the polls for the presidential elections in October this year.

If the appellate court decides to uphold the conviction, which is very likely, Lula will not be able to stand for re-election.

There is something rotten in the Brazilian Judicial System…

An average appeal to this 2nd tier court, the TRF4 in Porto Alegre, takes at least 70 days to be assessed.

President Lula’s appeal was assessed in record time – 42 days – (the second judge only taking 6 days to make up his mind, though the sentence was over 250 pages long!).

In addition, other cases were put aside so it would be heard as quickly as possible, raising suspicions that the timing has more to do with stopping Lula becoming a candidate.

Expecting Lula’s conviction to be upheld, Brazil’s stock exchange is already commemorating in anticipation of 24th January!

But what about his original trial and why do we contest it?

Former President Lula was accused of illegally receiving an apartment in a popular beach resort.

The trial was not able to prove he is the owner.

Indeed, the flat is still in OAS’ (civil construction company) name and has been given as security to a bank in exchange for financial investment. This means that OAS was not free to give the flat to Lula!!

This apartment was meant to be the fruit of a kickback related to three Petrobrás contracts with construction company OAS.

No links were found between the fraudulent contracts and President Lula’s actions or the flat.

And yet…

President Lula was convicted and sentenced for over 9 years.

There are other problems with the trial…

In Brazil’s inquisitive system, Judge Moro was the investigation judge AND also the trial judge

That’s why Geoffrey Robertson QC, the human rights lawyer, is taking Lula’s case to the UN.


That’s why we are calling it Lawfare. We believe that the law in Brazil is being used for political purposes.

Judge Moro did not convict Lula on the basis of the version provided by the Public Prosecutors.


He agreed that no links could be found between Lula’s actions and the Petrobrás contract.

So instead…

Lula was convicted on the basis of ‘undetermined and unidentified’ illicit acts.

The judge ‘attributed’ the flat to Lula even though he did not specify what ‘attributing a property to someone’ involves and…

Once again, Lula does not own the flat.


Lula only visited the property once!

That is why many people across the world are defending Lula’s right to have a fair trial AND his right to stand in the next presidential elections!

On the 24th January there will be acts in support of President Lula in Porto Alegre, where the trial is taking place, and in many other cities in Brazil.

There will also be acts in many cities across the world when members of Brazil’s Workers’ Party, union members, politicians, jurists, artists, academics and people who just care about democracy, the rule of law and human rights will be standing in solidarity with president Lula.

Please help us by signing the petition Elections without Lula is fraud or supporting our acts on 24th January.

Let the Brazilian people decide if they want Lula as their president and not the judiciary on trumped up charges!

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Mariana T Noviello

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João Carlos

25/01/2018 - 21h30

Lula has been convicted to 12 years.


11/01/2018 - 21h35

Lula and Dilma presided over the largest corruption scheme in Brazilian history. They and their jailed minister of treasury, chief of staff, and political allies nearly broke Petrobras, and the state-owned companies’ penson funds, causing rhe worst recession in BRAZILIAN HISTORY.


11/01/2018 - 17h06

O Exército dos EUA quer uma nova ferramenta de inteligência capaz de entender os posts das mídias sociais em línguas, incluindo russo, árabe e francês. Também deve ser capaz de responder por conta própria

Reinaldo Lopes

11/01/2018 - 12h44

Miguel, com ou sem a vitória de Lula, e vislumbrando as dificuldades que nós brasileiros teremos em colocar o país em pé novamente, faço um apelo a você. Tão importante como lutarmos para a eleição de Lula será também formarmos a maioria absoluta de legisladores progressistas no Congresso Nacional. Com Lula eleito e maioria no Congresso, a reorganização do Estado brasileiro será menos traumática. Por outro lado, caso o “destino” não nos tenha reservado esta porta de acesso à Democracia, ao menos deveremos contar com um Legislativo forte para interrompermos a entrega do patrimônio nacional e a castração do futuro do país. Assim sendo, sugeriria a você para inserir, em todos os seus textos e vídeos, uma explanação permanente sobre a importância de formarmos a maioria absoluta de legisladores progressistas no Congresso Nacional.

Ricardo Ferreira

11/01/2018 - 11h28

It is very disgusting to read this as the absolute and ultimate truth about the ex-president…. For these people we have all judiciary system committed to condemn this guy who has the captain of the most corrupt government we had ever had in our country…. Nobody is interested in proving he has not been wrong doing for years starting with the mensalao…. Anyway is quite regrettable not to learn his lawyers have not been doing a good job defending him from accusations but rather attacking the judges, attorneys etc etc etc…. I am really frustrated even though I voted for this guy sice he started his political career back in 1986…. Today he is quite far from his initial political positioning and has been taken by our very very maybe the most corrupt political system all over the world….. Very frustrated and disappointed by reading the facts and not expecting too.much form January 24th….. God bless everybody and good luck for all Brazilians who have been expecting for a better country for years but to no avail…..


11/01/2018 - 07h53

Dia 24/01/2018. # Com Lula em Porto Alegre. Vamos, nós (Povo), unidos ao Peesidente LULA, retomar a DEMOcracia, a Soberania de nossa amada Terra Brasil.

Afonso Schroeder

11/01/2018 - 07h42

Os brasileiros e o mundo inteiro sabe separar o “joio do trigo” não existe crime algum do estadista ímpar Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lu la) onde esta a justiça (STF) e anular estas invenções duma parcela totalmente doente da justiça que persegue os políticos de esquerda e em especial o homem, político Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (Lula) Ai perguntamos porque estas perseguições?


11/01/2018 - 05h33

The NSA provoked lawfare against Lula has failed. Latin American people will soon join the Global War against the United States of America and it’s War Criminal Allies.


    11/01/2018 - 09h17

    Hahahahahahahahaha… pqp!

      João Carlos

      25/01/2018 - 21h32


Huga huga

10/01/2018 - 22h39

1. This very website receives tons of money from Lula. It’s a Brazilian phenomenon called dirty blog.
2. Lula was condemned in a democratic country with an independent judiciary, due process of law, contradictory, broad defense, presumption of incense and all the principles that protect a healthy independent judiciary.
3. He was condemned in one process, there is eight more to go.
4. Brazilian law forbids a condemned felon to run for president. He belongs in jail.

Marcos Lates

10/01/2018 - 21h40

Reading this text, you can tell that Mrs Mariana Noviello does not know anything about former president Lula trial ; it is a shame !!

Carlos Martins

10/01/2018 - 21h32

Of course, these Brazilians living in the UK do not understand that former president Lula had a fair trial, and was considered guilty . The accusations were endemic corruption during his government . The poor people that voted for him are now suffering, because the corruption during his government ended the government money !


    11/01/2018 - 09h27

    It is a minority. Dilma lost badly on 2014 elections outside Brasil…

Richard N. Santos

10/01/2018 - 21h29

Not a liar, not from any PT, Psdb, Mbl junk …


10/01/2018 - 20h18

See, the psdb/mbl army trolls also spread lies in english….

Veja ,os trolls do psdb/mbl também espalha mentiras em inglês.

João Carlos, Richard N. Santos, André Kalinin mentirosos, liars.

João Carlos

10/01/2018 - 19h39

15 million umployed people (8% of population) is one of the bad results of president Lula.
Brazilians living outside of their country as the ones in UK should experiment to drive a business here in Brazil. Paying high taxes and seeing the money going to the drain of corruption.

Richard N. Santos

10/01/2018 - 19h06

Lula is a criminal, liar, broke Brazil and to not be marked as a stealer and end their PT group, are doing everything possible to turn Brazil into a place for criminals.

André Kalinin

10/01/2018 - 18h46

The Brazilian people have decided, we want Lula in jail convicted by been created de biggest corruption net on the last 500 years of our story.

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